My Experience of Rezoomex Techathon 2019


A year ago when I started searching for a job, the most common answer I came across being a candidate was “We will get back to you shortly”. Why is it that the candidates don’t receive proper feedback on their selection or rejection? In the hiring industry, candidate experience and the recruiting performance go hand in hand, making it one of the most significant topics today. The major question that arises here is don’t the candidates deserve a proper feedback?

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Innovative Recruitment Techniques adopted by The Most Innovative Companies


It is well known that today’s job market is candidate driven. Finding and attracting high skilled talent has never been more difficult. Traditional recruitment methods are all good, but there is also this digital revolution going on, which must be adopted by the companies globally to make their recruitment process much more effective. We have examples where the companies are using these innovative   techniques effectively.

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Transparency is the Foundation of Good Candidate Experience – Part 3

Transparency is the foundation of good candidate experience - Part 3

Shroud of Secrecy

There is a general shroud of secrecy around the interview process , hiring decisions and compensation offered. When you don’t communicate, people tend to lose trust. No wonder a recent survey by Team Blind shows that 70% tech employees don’t trust HR. In Part 2 of this 3 part article we saw the lack of transparency in the early parts of the tech hiring funnel. Viz. Resume completeness, job description and technical screening. In this part we will take a peek at what the candidates think about the end of the funnel- technical interviews , hiring decisions and compensation offered. From the results of the survey, it will become clear that lack of communication leaves the candidates guessing and left to themselves they aren’t kind to the IT companies. Remember talent is the primary driver of revenue and profits in the IT industry.

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Transparency is the foundation of good candidate experience – Part 2


In part 1 of this article we saw that candidates don’t get any constructive feedback in the assessment and interview process. The real problem is not the willingness of the companies. It’s the ability to quickly and efficiently get the information needed to give the feedback. There are 2 problems.

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Transparency is The Foundation of Good Candidate Experience – Part 1



An article by my colleague Dinesh Gokhale described how a candidate would feel short-changed by a well orchestrated, well thought out , stage managed candidate experience. We conducted a survey to understand the candidates’ psychology better. This two part article covers the insights gained in the survey.

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Candidate Experience Sucks in Spite of it Being Well Designed?


A very sweet voice informed me that I was short-listed for the position. I had heard good things about the company and my research including a quick check on Glassdoor looked all positive. I was greeted by a warm smile and was asked if I cared for a coffee as I waited for a few minutes.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Tech Recruitment


1.5 million! That’s the number of Engineers graduating every year in India. Imagine the number of job aspirants for a single post when you include people switching jobs. It is humongous. As a Tech Recruiter things could go insane. There is always pressure to perform in short span of time. But what if you can pull it off? AI empowered recruitment tools have definitely made that possible. AI is a transformational technology which will have a disruptive impact on the way you recruit.

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